This blog highlights how women are especially vulnerable for FoRB violations, both because of their gender and their beliefs. 


What is it about the murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini that continues to spark unprecedented rage? The truth is that this rage has existed for the 43 years of the Islamic Republic’s reign in Iran, but Mahsa’s murder was the kindling that ignited the largest mass demonstrations, led by women, that have taken place in…

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Clear and Present Danger for Muslim Women in India

Anti-Muslim hysteria is raging across India, swiftly pushing the country on a path to replace secular India with a theocratic Hindu nation (Hindu Rashtra), thereby disavowing the country’s history as the world’s most populous democracy. Abuses each day seek to criminalize, demonize, and marginalize 200 million Indian Muslims (about 14% of the population). Right-wing politicians…

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