FoRB Women’s Alliance is a global community of religious freedom and human rights advocates and future leaders with a shared vision: advancing freedom of religion or belief for women.


Our mission is to break down the walls that isolate us by creating opportunities, collaborating with and championing individuals, organizations and networks that address issues facing women and freedom of religion or belief.

As an accelerator, FoRB Women’s Alliance serves the existing community of organizations and networks working on women and freedom of religion or belief.


FoRB Women’s Alliance is an accelerator. Accelerators are widely used in the business world, but are still unique in human rights. We provide the missing link.

FoRB Women’s Alliance focuses on informing and connecting individuals, organizations, faith communities and networks across regions, countries and sectors working on issues relevant to women and FoRB. Crucial as these groups often do not know each other. How might your work benefit from new resources, data, training, partners and even potential funders? Many of the challenges that your network or organization face from working in isolation can be addressed by FoRB Women’s Alliance.


FoRB Women’s Alliance offers an opportunity to gain from a wealth of knowledge, expertise, research and advocacy related to issues affecting women living out their faith issues globally. As highlighted below, the Alliance convenes, connects, collaborates, and coordinates women and men working toward collective outcomes. These outcomes reflect the unique positions and capacities of women and their roles in support of FoRB.

Engage with trainers and women working in FoRB around the world

Access research, data and content about women and FoRB

Attend live and virtual events, workshops and discussions

Be informed and inspired by content from trusted voices